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E-bikes for experts: discover Brose quality and the future of the e-bike

Brose E-bike

The innovative campaign “Brose Quality on”

Brose, a leader in the e-bike industry, presents its new campaign “Brose Quality on”, designed for experienced e-bike riders.

The development of the new products is focused on “inspiring quality,” which translates into powerful and reliable e-bike motors and complete systems designed for an unforgettable riding experience, ideal for those seeking an e-bike experience for experts.

The Brose philosophy: a natural riding experience

For Brose, creating a natural riding experience is a fundamental part of the brand’s philosophy. E-bike experts know that the true pleasure of e-bikes lies not only in speed but in enjoying a riding experience that is as natural as possible.

Brose provides its technology of precision sensors to offer great responsiveness, along with powerful motors that deliver high torque even at low speeds, perfect for e-bike experts.

Advanced technology for e-bike experts

Brose is gearing up to amaze e-bike experts with its new state-of-the-art motors and complete systems. During this year’s Eurobike, the brand unveiled the Drive3, a new 48-volt system available from 2024.

The Drive3 Peak offers assistance of up to 410 percent at a maximum speed of 25 km/h, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an e-bike for experts.

The future of e-bikes: Brose’s intelligent automatic transmission for less experienced bikers

The future of e-bikes holds a variety of options thanks to Brose’s intelligent automatic transmission. The Concept Drive allows e-bike users to select the perfect gear in every riding situation, providing an unprecedented experience. An additional advantage: with no mechanical shifting components besides the motor, the drivetrain requires much less maintenance.

The Concept Drive presented by Brose at Eurobike is based on a 48-volt system and creates an innovative communication platform with unparalleled connectivity for new riding styles or digital features through the Brose app.

The Brose system: a pillar for e-bikes

The perfect complement to Brose’s 48-volt drive system motors is found in the new Brose Battery 48V. The top version has an energy storage capacity of 814 watt-hours and can be fully charged in three to four hours.

This battery features a premium aluminium housing and is removable for flexible mounting on the bike frame.

Brose enhances its 48V range with a new series of displays. Among the offerings are three models: Brose Control Allround, Control Remote, and Control Integrate, each with different functions to ensure optimal interaction with the new motors for an even smoother and more natural riding experience.

They feature sleek designs, a wide range of functionalities, and practical and user-friendly ergonomics. Not to be overlooked is the presence of a USB-C port, allowing cyclists to charge their smartphones on the go or access the Brose Service Tool.

In conclusion, Brose continues to innovate in the e-bike industry by offering high-quality products and functionalities designed for e-bike experts. If you’re looking for the best e-bike for experts, keep an eye out for Brose’s new products, designed to deliver top-notch quality and an unparalleled riding experience.

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